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Congregation Ohr Torah

Welcome to Congregation Ohr Torah


Ohr Torah Annual Dinner

Please save the evening of March 27 for our annual dinner at which time we will have the opportunity to pay tribute to two very special couples, Henry and Sheila Schanzer and Ami and Bracha Avraham. Details to follow.


Assistant Rabbi Search Update

Several months ago, a committee was formed and tasked with the responsibility to search for an assistant rabbi. The committee is made up of members that reflect the richly diverse nature of our congregation. We had a remarkable response to our job posting with 26 applicants reflecting a diverse range of backgrounds. We believe this is a reflection of the tremendous esteem that is held for Rabbi Luban and the great opportunity this position offers for young and enthusiastic rabbis. All resumes were reviewed, discussed and ranked by the committee. We then conducted a series of telephone interviews with the candidates. Based on these telephone interviews, the committee selected eight outstanding candidates to come in for a face to face interview.
The search committee is pleased to announce that the following candidates will be joining us for Shabbos Probehs. Rabbi Yitzi Shulman, a resident of White Plains, NY and a kiruv professional at Jewish Renaissance Experience, will be joining us on February 19th. Rabbi Sariel Malitzky, a resident of Passaic, NJ and a Rebbe at TABC, will be joining us on February 26th. Rabbi Yitzchak Brand, a resident of Passaic, NJ and a Rebbe and physics teacher at Kushner High School, will be joining us on March 5th. Additional information about each candidate will follow.
Finally, once the probehs have been completed, a membership meeting and vote will be scheduled to choose one of these 3 candidates as the assistant rabbi.
We thank you for your support for this process.
Assistant Rabbi Search Committee


Rabbi Paysach Krohn

Click here to listen to renowned lecturer and author Rabbi Paysach Krohn's talk "Tefillah: A Way of Connection" as presented at Ohr Torah on December 20, 2015 as a zechus for a refuah shelema for all the cholim in our community and for the imminent threat facing our brothers and sisters in Israel.


Enhancing Our Tefillah Experience at Ohr Torah
Be A Part of It!
In memory of Joel Adler, a'h

Congregation Ohr Torah has embarked on an all-important initiative, 'Enhancing Our Tefillah Experience', in memory of our esteemed and beloved gabbai, member, and friend, Joel Adler, a'h.
Please click here to download the letter that introduces this initiative, including the intent, a call to action, and the benefits of your active participation. Our goal is 100% participation that creates a strong bond of achdus (unity) in our shul. Act now and commit to being counted among those who actively participate in this all-important initiative that will bring us closer to Hakadosh Baruch Hu and enhance the power of our tefillos.
Please click here to download the Bli Neder Commitment to 'Enhancing Our Tefillah Experience'. Either sign the paper form and return it to the shul or conveniently enter your name below, which acknowledges your Bli Neder Commitment that is enumerated in this form.
If you wish to become further involved in supporting this initiative, or have additional ideas, please speak with Shelley Schoenfeld or email:
Parshas Ki Savo describes that Hashem heard the voices/supplications of the Jewish people. May Hashem hear each of our voices as they ascend from the depths of our hearts to the heights of the shamayim (heavens), and may our efforts make our tefillos more effective and meaningful as well as bring nachas to every one of us and great simcha to our lives as we each do our part to grow closer to Hashem.

I, Full Name: have read and agree to the Bli Neder Commitment to 'Enhancing Our Tefillah Experience'.


Today is:

Sunday, February 7, 2016
28 Shevat 5776
Today's Daf Yomi is Gittin 56
The Parsha this coming Shabbos is: Terumah

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Rabbi: Rabbi Yaakov Luban
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