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Congregation Ohr Torah


The membership vote is being scheduled for Sunday morning, March 22. The March 22 meeting will not be a formal meeting with discussion but an opportunity for members in good standing to come to the shul to complete the ballot for submission. The time frame for the voting and the protocol will be emailed subsequently. In the event there is a need for a follow-up vote due to a tie or other reason, it is scheduled for the evening of March 24.
We strongly encourage all members to participate in the vote.
We want to thank the committee, under the leadership of Chairman Billy Gewirtz, for their hard work evaluating an overwhelming number of worthy applicants. Yishar kochachem!

Links to recordings of the candidates are available below:

 ChazzonDate at OTAudio Selections
1Yaacov RosenfeldJanuary 31 Uvnucho Yomar Shalom Aleichem Shomea Kol Bichyos
2Eli WallesFebruary 7 Kol Nidrei Raza DeShabat  
3Avshalom KatzFebruary 14Une Taneh Tokef Hinneni  
4Meir GoldbergFebruary 21 Amar Amar Akavia ben Mahalalel  
5Yaacov CohenFebruary 28 Kol Nidrei Hinneni B'Rosh Hashana
6Yitz HenkinMarch 7Nesaneh Tokef Avienu Shebashamayim  
7Dovid GabayMarch 21 Avos Hineni