Congregation Ohr Torah

Sisterhood Fund

Congregation Ohr Torah, in the exercise of its religious and charitable purposes, has established a Sisterhood Fund. Congregation Ohr Torah welcomes contributions to the Sisterhood Fund. The Sisterhood will use all of its funds raised for the benefit of Congregation Ohr Torah. Although the Presidents of the Sisterhood will direct proceeds from their fund to worthy projects within the synagogue, the administration of the Sisterhood Fund, including all disbursements, is subject to review by the Board of Directors of Congregation Ohr Torah ('the Board'). Such Board review will be accomplished by having the Sisterhood Presidents report, on an annual basis, the total amount of funds in the Sisterhood Fund account, and the amounts raised and spent in the current calendar year.

Donors wishing to make contributions to the Sisterhood Fund may be able to deduct their contributions if they itemize their deductions on their federal tax return and subject to other conditions and limitations provided for in the Internal Revenue Code. Congregation Ohr Torah cannot guarantee this result and recommends that donors who want assurance that their contributions are deductible seek the advice of a tax attorney or CPA. Checks should be made payable to Congregation Ohr Torah, with a notation that the funds are to be placed in the Congregation Ohr Torah Sisterhood account.