Congregation Ohr Torah

Donations and Dedications

Ohr Torah is grateful to all of the families who have donated many wonderful and beautiful items to the shul over more than 2 decades.

In order to ensure that all items donated to the shul are in keeping with the overall decor of the shul, and in order to ensure that the appropriate financial arrangements are made with respect to all donations and dedications, Ohr Torah has established the following donation and dedication policy:
  1. ALL items for donation and/or dedication, no matter how large or small, need to be discussed in advance with the decorating committee, currently headed by Leslie Ney.
  2. No items will be accepted for donation and/or dedication unless approved in advance by the decorating committee. Any items provided to the Shul without this approval will be returned.
  3. All dedication items are given along with a donation that is set by the shul before the item is acquired or commissioned. No dedication items will be accepted without this donation.
  4. If the donation associated with a dedication item is to be paid off over time, the dedication may appear on the item once at least 50% of the dedication amount has been paid.

This longstanding Ohr Torah policy, as approved by the Board of Directors, has permitted us to build, expand, and maintain our wonderful Shul over the years.
Thank you for your cooperation.