Congregation Ohr Torah

New Mishabeirach Policy

In order to reduce the tircha d’tzibbor and breakdown in decorum that often results from long mishabeirach’s, the shul Board has adopted the following new policy:

Anyone who receives an aliya has one of three options for making a mishabeirach after his aliya:

1)    A mishabeirach for himself;

2)    A mishabeirach for himself, and if married, for his wife, “v’es kol mishpachto.” Example: “Yitzchak ben Avraham, v’es ishto Rivka bat Yaakov, v’es kol mishpacto”; or

3)    A mishabeirach for himself, spouse, children and “v’es kol mishpachto.” Example: “Yitzchak ben Avraham, v’es ishto Rivka bat Yaakov; v’es bno Yehoshua Binyamin ben Yitzchak, v'es ishto, v’es kol mishpacto (+ as many more as may be needed).

• Anyone who selects Options #2 or #3 to make a mishabeirach will be required to make a donation to the shul of $36 or more.

• Parents, Grandchildren, in-law children (as well as Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc.) will not be named individually.

• This policy will NOT apply on Yomim Noraim or Shabbos Shuva (or any other times that aliyot are auctioned).

• During a simcha, (bar or bat mitzvah, aufruf, sheva berachot, birth of an immediate child) the ba’al simcha must appoint one member of the family (who receives an aliya) to give a mishabeirach in which each family member may be named individually. Everyone else must comply with Options #1 or #2 above.

• This policy applies on the yahrzeit for a parent, even when the oleh with yahrzeit is tendering a kiddush

• IMPORTANT – Effectively immediately, anyone who wishes to utilize Option 2 or Option 3 must have an updated Aliya card listing all the names to be recited.

Thank you for your consideration.