Congregation Ohr Torah

Political Activities

Congregation Ohr Torah ('COT') is prohibited from participating in political campaigns. In general, political campaigns are defined for this purpose as campaigns by candidates for elective office. COT cannot endorse or oppose any candidate, directly or indirectly, contribute any money or resources to any candidate's campaign or political party or rank candidates, even if the ranking is the result of neutral process. COT will avoid statements that name candidates or that comment on their positions from the bimah (pulpit) or at any official synagogue function because these statements are likely to be treated as being the position of the organization.

While any involvement in a political campaign for elective office is prohibited, synagogues, like other charities, can participate in lobbying to a limited degree. For tax purposes, lobbying is distinguished from intervening in electoral politics. Lobbying is defined as an attempt to influence legislation, either directly through legislators or indirectly through grass root campaigns which ask citizens to contact their legislators.