Ohr Torah 2023 Seat Reservation Form (Click here for printable instructions and form)

  At this time, there are only a limited number of seats available and only in the hashkama minyan.  

Note: if you previously entered and saved seat information online for 2023 and are returning to make changes, additions, or deletions, you MUST re-enter ALL seat information as if this is the first time you are here, as your original reservation will be discarded once you submit this new one. (Please use the exact same last name and first name(s) as you did originally.)

Today is Tuesday, September 26, 2023 1:21 AM. Seat pricing increased after August 16, 2023.

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Seat Full Name for Each Individual Gender Household member? Hashkama? Usage Seat Charge
1 Male Female Yes No Yes No RH and YK RH only YK only
2 Male Female Yes No Yes No RH and YK RH only YK only
3 Male Female Yes No Yes No RH and YK RH only YK only
4 Male Female Yes No Yes No RH and YK RH only YK only

Totals: Seats Male/Female Household member? Hashkama total Usage total Seat Charge total

CategoryBy August 16After August 16
Members and Immediate Household*$110$125
Guests of Members**$125 $150
Associate members $300 $300
Non-members (as available)$500$500

* Immediate Household are (i) immediate family members (parent, spouse, sibling and child) that reside full-time in the Member’s house, or (ii) unmarried full-time students who dorm or live at school during the school year.

** Guests of Members are (i) immediate family members that do not reside full-time in the Member’s house, married students and students who live away full-time, or (ii) other guests who are spending the Yomim Noraim with the Member and live outside the Highland Park/Edison community.

Comments (While the Seating Committee tries to accommodate all seating requests, no person is guaranteed a particular seat.)